Musical Information (Mus 253)
Lab Resources

  1. Guido Music Notation

  2. Noteflight

  3. Finale Data Entry

  4. SharpEye Music Scanning

  5. mro2score: SharpEye to SCORE converter

  6. SCORE User Input Basics

  7. Easy SCORE Notation Exercises -- These exercises can be done with only the basic user input codes.

  8. Hard SCORE Notation Exercises -- These exercises require direct manipulation of the object parameters.

  9. Raw MIDI Data -- Examining the bare MIDI communication data between computers and synthesizers.

  10. Basic MIDI programming -- Demonstration of how to input/output MIDI data to/from the computer in Microsoft Windows and in Linux.

  11. Kern to MIDI conversion -- learn how to listen to a MIDI file generated from a Humdrum **kern data file.

  12. Kern to Graphical Music Notation -- learn how to display **kern data in standard graphical music notation.

  13. Introduction to the Humdrum Toolkit

  14. Musical dice composition using Humdrum files

Revised: 8 Feb 2010