Eleanor Selfridge-Field and Edmund Correia, Jr.
© 1994 Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities
Reproduced by the IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Generated Music by permission

Category 3. Text underlay

Type 2. Vertical alignment styles.

In some typographic styles, alignment of syllables in relation to notes will vary according to whether the syllable is set to one or many notes.

In Ex. #11, syllables set to single chords are centered, while those set to multiple notes are left flush.

Ex. #11. Hymn "A Mighty Fortress is our God." This illustration was prepared in 1984 by Armando Dal Molin using his MusiComp typesetting system. Most elements were set by computer; a few were added by hand. This example appeared in the Directory of Computer Assisted Research in Musicology 3 (1987), 42.

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