Eleanor Selfridge-Field and Edmund Correia, Jr.
© 1994 Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities
Reproduced by the IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Generated Music by permission

Category 4. Ties, Slurs, Beams, and Stems

Beams Type 3. Stems in reverse directions from a common beam.

The production of notes above and below a common beam would be insignificant were it not for the fact that the stem's horizontal position relative to the notehead must be shifted and, in the case of multiple beams, the beam that is primary (i.e., the termination point of the stem) shifts according to the stem direction (up/down).

Ex. #24 shows three beamed groups. Two of these must accommodate stems in reverse directions.

Ex. #24. This illustration was produced by Giovanni MĒller using an interactive editor developed on a LILITH workstation. It appeared in the Directory of Computer Assisted Research in Musicology 3 (1987), 71.

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